IlInformed Podcast

Glenance Green and Daniel Biss sit down and share their opinions over coffee.

Poet, activist and researcher Glenance Green and former state legislator/gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss, come together to talk Illinois politics, government and how the heck it all works (or doesn’t) in Springfield. From the games that are played just to get bills passed, the role of lobbyists, private plane pension payments and more — Glenance and Daniel will be pulling back the curtain and shining some light.


Welcome to ILInformed. A new podcast about your local government comings and goings.


Introducing IL Informed

Meet Daniel and Glenance and find out why Daniel agreed to spill the beans/T on his time in Springfield! 

The second episode we get into the basics.


Referendum To Reality

Episode 1 - The beginning. The basics. How a bill becomes a law. But more often than not, that process is anything but basic. We look at the $15 minimum wage increase that passed in February 2019 and the long, winding road that made what seemed a ludicrous idea, into a reality. Grassroots activism, political maneuvering, absurd amounts of side-eye and potentially an assist from Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

Why another podcast? Illinois citizens sorely need information about our government... If it stays this valuable, I won’t miss a single episode.

I was hoping that this podcast would exist, and I’m glad it finally does!

As a team, you have a wonderful on air chemistry, and it is a joy to listen and be informed at the same time as engaged and entertained!

State Matters’s IL Informed podcast is the best new way to to spend my commute! It makes Monday rush hour bearable, and I love hearing the tea on backroom Illinois politics.

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